Back home

We are back home! It was good to find our garden in full bloom, and the sunny weather made the return easier. Our kids have digested the Long journey (approx. 24 hours from Brisbane airport to Frankfurt airport) much better than we did. We will continue to feed the blog with more pictures, more text, and we might even do some “cleaning up”, by adding tags and all that.

Because I’m happy

With our stay in Brisbane extended, we were a bit unsure what to do. Brisbane ain’t Sydney, and five days in a city is not Basti’s idea of the perfect holiday. So we decided to go to Sea Life one day (1.5 hrs driving each way … ‘fuer einen guten Zweck’ said Basti), and on Moreton Island, despite the hefty price for the boat. On the boat, lots of Chinese tourists. Upon arrival, obligatory resort tour … mass tourism, at the end of our journey, after New Caledonia’s deserted beaches? But gladly, the area is so big it did not get crowded. Soon, we saw pelicans and other sea birds, Basti found starfish, we saw Kukaberras being fed and in the evening, we could feed Tinkerbell, a 24 year old wild dolphin who comes to the resort for over 20 years, now with her children and grand children. When we ate the barbecued sausages that evening, Basti said was maybe the nicest day of the entite journey and started to sing ‘Because I’m happy…’. So are we…

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No night in Bangkok

We had planned two nights in Bangkok on our way back. Alas, the coup d’etat worried us, so we decided that even one night in Bangkok would be too much. So no buddhas, no massage at Wat Po, and no fiercy green curry. Instead, we extended our stay in Brisbane. In the meantime, Bangkok looks again more stable than we had thought. Just that The elected prime minister has been replaced by a military junta…

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Aussie working day

At 8:00, the cafes are packed. At 12:00, we find it difficult to get a parking space on a nearby beach. At 17:20, it is the rush-hour with people leaving the office. At the same time, there are lots of people in the parks doing exercises. All day, everybody seems supremely relaxed. Amazing.

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